We’re starting a conversation to better understand the community’s thoughts and to help shape a respectful way to respond to the 26 January going forward.

For many Australians, this has become a day of celebration – a national public holiday since 1994 – and for others it remains a day of mourning and sorrow.

Just as is the case across the nation, there will be many different and diverse views inside our own community around what this day means and how you think it should be acknowledged and recognised.

This is an important conversation for our culturally diverse communities, local First Nations people and the broader community – and it is a complex one.

Council has already resolved to lower the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags to half-mast on 26 January 2022 to recognise the dispossession, suffering and hurt experienced by First Nations people.

To confirm the direction Council will take after that, we need to hear from you.

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Share your thoughts - 26 January

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