Council’s Air Quality Improvement Plan, endorsed on 16 August 2022 seeks to clean up our air to better protect the health of our community and the environment. The Plan is one of the first of its kind adopted by any local authority in Victoria.

It provides an overview of the air quality issues we face in Maribyrnong, as well as 37 actions Council intends to take to address these challenges over the next five years.

The actions include things like a targeted tree planting program to create ‘active’ walking paths to school - as well as advocacy actions, such as continuing to lobby State Government for a ban of diesel trucks from residential streets.

The Air Quality Improvement Plan acknowledges the importance of the community in supporting changes at a local level, with one of the key actions to develop an education program to help the community understand the impacts of poor air quality along with the measures they can take to help address it.

It also recognises poor air quality is not an issue Council or the community can tackle alone. There are also a range of large-scale initiatives and programs outlined which would require the support of State and/or Federal Government but, if implemented, would significantly improve air quality in Maribyrnong and our global community more broadly.

The Plan was informed by feedback from the community on the draft document shared during May of this year.

What we heard from you

The 134 respondents to the survey generally supported the actions outlined as one step on the journey.

The development of an air quality map, installation of air quality monitors, planting more trees among their priorities and community education campaign were among their top priorities.

Respondents also called on Council to do more and faster with a focus on stronger regulations on big polluters, banning high emissions trucks, truck bans (particularly on Williamstown Road), transitioning to electric vehicles and fast-tracking the transition to renewable energy.

In response to the call for stronger action Council has committed to advocating to the State Government for:

  • a truck ban on Williamstown Road
  • ban on all diesel trucks (except delivery trucks) from residential streets
  • incentives for electric vehicles including the removal of the electric vehicle road user

It will also be advocating to both the Federal and State governments to continue to initiate policies that reduce carbon emissions and diesel particulates to address climate change.

You can read the full plan and suite of actions here detailing our commitment to ensure better outcomes for the health of our residents and the environment, both now and in the future.