Our environment directly influences the quality of the air we breathe.

This includes the emission of tonnes of diesel and petrol pollutants each year from cars, trucks, and trains traveling through our municipality, which is exacerbated by our proximity to the Port of Melbourne and the West Gate Bridge, which carries up to 200,000 vehicles per day. Industrial precincts also add to these emissions.

Although Maribyrnong has the youngest demographic and the lowest smoking and adult obesity rates in the inner west, our residents still present with some of the poorest lung health in the state. Hospital admissions for breathing and lung-related illness for young people aged 3-19 are 70% above the Victorian average.

We know that you appreciate the problem with 'all' those who completed our quick poll over recent weeks unanimously acknowledging air quality as an issue in our municipality.

We're currently working on an Air Quality Improvement Plan to do something about it. The draft can be found here.

To help us with this, we're keen to understand what you think about some of the actions we're considering to address and mitigate the environmental and health concerns brought about by poor air quality in our municipality.

You can do this by completing the questionnaire below by 5:00 pm Sunday 29 May, 2022.