Council is committed to promoting a municipality where all people, including older people can feel included and welcomed.

One of the best ways we can achieve this is to draw on the knowledge and lived experience of members of our community to help guide and advice Council on policies, plans and services that impact the older generation.

In 2011, Council established an Older Persons Reference Group to consult directly with community representatives around positive ageing activities in Maribyrnong. This Group is now being reactivated and reframed as the Active and Healthy Ageing Community Advisory Committee, to support future planning.

Join the Active and Healthy Ageing Community Advisory Committee

Council recognises members of our community have valuable knowledge and expertise that can contribute to its vision of a community in which all people have access to services and where all people feel welcome.

We’re looking for representatives from across the municipality with an understanding of the needs and aspirations of people over the age of 60, to join the new Maribyrnong Active and Healthy Ageing Community Advisory Committee.


We are looking for up to 10 community members who can help Council in understanding the lived experience, local needs and challenges associated with people over the age 60, their families and communities.

Representatives must be able to demonstrate a connection with the City of Maribyrnong and bring the necessary qualifications, skills and attributes to support the overarching objectives - primarily to inform Council on emerging needs, issues and barriers facing seniors within Maribyrnong and provide advice on initiatives and programs to address these.

Membership will be for a period of two years with meetings held up to six times a year. Attendance is expected at each meeting.

You can find out more information in the Terms of Reference in the document library.

Expressions of Interest have now closed

Thank you for registering your interest to join the Maribyrnong Active Ageing Community Advisory Committee.

We will now review the applications and advise successful nominees shortly.

For further information please email