Consultation has concluded

Thank you to those who submitted feedback on the draft Strategy. All submissions will now be reviewed and considered before the final Strategy is presented to Council.The City of Maribyrnong has a vibrant arts and creative-industries sector. It is home to a significant artist population, and contains a broad array of rts organisations and creative sector businesses. It is also home to a culturally diverse community that is eager to participate in, and engage with, the arts.

It is important that we continue to support and foster the arts in our community. To do this, we have developed – in consultation with you, the community – a draft Arts and Culture Strategy 2018-2023. This document elaborates on the role Council will play in supporting the progress and evolution of arts and culture in Maribyrnong.

Before we present the final draft to Council, we want to make sure that we have incorporated your feedback. The infographic will give you a snapshot of the sector in our community, and you can view the full draft strategy in the document library on this page. You can provide you feedback on the themes developed in the short survey below.