Why did we choose this location for the park?

    This neighbourhood is identified in the Maribyrnong Open Space Strategy as having a shortage of open space, without a local park in safe and easy walking distance. The opportunity to convert underutilised road pavement into open space is also in keeping with the Maribyrnong Urban Forest Strategy objective of increased greening for the city.

    When will the works occur?

    Construction is expected to occur from late 2021 to early 2022 subject to final design and approvals.

    How much will this project cost?

    The funding allocated to the project is $1.03 million, including design and construction costs.

    Where is the money coming from?

    The project is funded by the Victorian Government Local Parks Program, which will build 15 new pocket parks across Melbourne. The program is part of a broader commitment by the Victorian Government to create new parks and revitalise existing local parks, to provide space for recreation space greening in metropolitan Melbourne.

    Will there be disruption to St Augustine’s Primary school?

    Access to the school will be maintained during the construction period and disruption to the school will be minimised as much as possible.

    Will the school be able to use this space?

    Yes, like many other parks and open spaces, this one can be used by the school for outdoor education, recreation and enjoyment. It will not be able to be used exclusively by the school and will always remain open to the public. It is envisaged the space will be a valuable addition to the school community as well as the surrounding neighbourhood.

    Will I still be able to ride my bike through this space?

    Yes, Birmingham Street has been identified in the Maribyrnong Bike Strategy 2020 – 2030 as part of a major project connecting Yarraville Station to Seddon. A shared link through the park will connect to future protected bike lanes on Birmingham Street and Pentland Parade. Cyclists riding through the park will need to give way to pedestrians and other park users.

    Will this affect parking in the area?

    As the street is already closed off there is not expected to be any change to on-street parking from the project.

    What is a raingarden?

    Raingardens are planted beds (also known as bioretention systems) which use vegetation to remove pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorous from stormwater. By treating stormwater and reducing runoff from our streets, raingardens improve the health of our creeks and waterways. Raingardens can be designed to be attractive features in parks and streets.

    What is unstructured play?

    Unstructured play refers to creative and improvised play. In public spaces, unstructured play can be encouraged by playful elements in the landscape other than formalised play equipment. For example, raised seating platforms or edges can be used as balance beams while pavement patterns can be used to form a game.