What is an LATM Study?

    A LATM study is a process to identify existing traffic and road safety issues and develop recommendations to improve safety, access and amenity, deter through traffic, and encourage walking and cycling. The study will help guide Council’s future transport planning and traffic management infrastructure provisions. 

    What is the study area for the study?

    The area bounded by Sunshine Road, Ashley Street, Churchill Avenue and Duke Street, as shown in the photo gallery on the right. 

    Will there be any other study areas with the City of Maribyrnong?

    Yes, this is the fourth year of the LATM program until 2026. Please visit the document library here with the LATM map.

    What is the process of this project?

    The first step in the LATM process is the identification of traffic and safety issues. This will be undertaken through the collection and analysis of data, together with information received from the community through the survey below and a concurrent letterbox drop of the area. Please see the project lifecycle for more information.