Creating a permanent outdoor plaza in Byron Street

Byron Square in Footscray was one of a number of areas converted into a pop-up park in 2021 to support traders and encourage our community to connect following the introduction of social distancing restrictions at the start of the pandemic.

Over the past 18 months, the Pop-Up park has become a vibrant community space where residents and visitors can engage, socialise, eat and shop.

Local businesses and visitors have told us they think the space has been working well and were keen to see this new civic space retained.

On the back of this feedback, as part of our continued response to COVID-19 to support our community to stay active while also supporting local businesses, we're looking to use a State Government grant to make the Pop-Up Park a permanent feature - with more seating, shade, fixed outdoor dining, additional tree canopy cover, and designated play space to make the area more enjoyable for residents and visitors, including children.

We've drawn up an initial concept plan that reflects the community desire for a diverse and connected plaza that would: sit comfortably in central Footscray, support visual and physical connections; be a safe place the community can be proud of, and one that draws on and builds upon the unique and varied users of the space.

We welcome comments on this initial concept and any additional thoughts or ideas on ways to further enhance the space.

Engagement update

The community conversation has now closed. We will review what you told us and will provide a report back to Council shortly.

Here's what we're thinking

Byron Plaza Concept Plan Legend:

1. Community long timber table with shade umbrellas

2. Community double-sided long curved timber bench with stools / tables

3. Central community rounded timber stage with in-ground canopy tree

4. North entry with relocated existing lion statues

5. Inground planting bed

6. Chain catenary fixed to the carpark and existing light poles

7. Small fixed timber tables with USB charging stations and double-sided timber bench seat

8. Circulation zone

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