New Civic and Community Precinct Designs Finalised

As of March 2022, detailed design has now been completed and the tender process has begun redevelopment of the Footscray Town Hall as part of the multi-million dollar Civic and Community Precinct Project.

Works will include the demolition of the community services building, construction of a new office building for staff, and an upgrade of the historic Footscray Town Hall.

The final design for the building recognises and incorporates many of the elements you have told us are important to you that you wanted to see in the renovation, during a number of conversations over the past six months.

This includes:

  • A second entry through the original grand front doors off Napier Street, to complement the main entry off Hyde Street - both leading to a reception area where staff will be able to help visitors complete any council business, attend meetings and speak with staff on-site.
  • A more welcoming and inviting space, which includes an open forum area inside the main entry with mezzanine access to the first-floor meeting rooms
  • As much as possible within heritage constraints including sustainable design elements in the Town Hall including improved ventilation
  • Green-star accreditation to support the focus you want to see on environmental excellence - with the incorporation of sustainable and environmentally friendly features in the new office building
  • Watching our pennies. We're working to a set budget to deliver not only longevity but also low operating and maintenance costs.
  • This includes limiting the size of the new office space to support flexible working arrangements as opposed to 100% council staff occupancy

You can view the designs in the Document Library section.

Interior design

While we've made progress on the interior design for the forum area, which will link the new office with the historic structure, we are still finalising some elements of the internal fit-out, noting this will be largely influenced by heritage requirements in the Town Hall building - in terms of the type of modifications that can be made.

While the Council Chambers will remain central to the existing building, for example, because we won't be able to extend the room's footprint, we will be looking at how the space could be better utilised. This includes, as a starting point, uncovering the windows to allow in more natural light.

Outdoor Park

We've heard your calls for an attractive, accessible, and inviting outdoor space that provides shade and places to sit, with native or edible plantings part of the design, and taken note of your priorities, which include:

  • A soft surface - with areas for picnicking and a play space for children
  • Pedestrian and disabled access and visitor bicycle parking

Landscaping plans, informed by this feedback are due sometime in June. We'll share them with you then.

We're aiming for the stars - six in fact!

Green Star is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system that supports buildings to:

  • Lower operating costs and increase asset value
  • Use less electricity and potable water
  • Boost productivity
  • Produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of occupants

Six Star Green Star accreditation is the best you can get. It represents ‘World Leadership’ in environmentally sustainable building practices and is what we will be aiming for in the new office administration building.

Click on the icons to learn more about the key focus areas.

Thanks for your ideas

We've shared your ideas for the outdoor park with our designers

Memory Book

Don't forget to also dig out any stories you may have about your experiences with this iconic building that we can collate into a memory book to celebrate the legacy of this historic building while also sharing insights into the changing face of our City from early pre-war Footscray to our post-Millenium diverse modern community. Share your stories below.

Photo courtesy of Melbourne Museum