What feedback is being sought regarding the proposed works on Clarke Street?

      • Does the community support the pop up park trial?
      • What would the community like to use the pop up park space for?  Does the current design allow for these uses?
      • Does the community support a bicycle connection to Carmichael St from Clarke St?
      • Does the community support a new connection to the shared path at cross street?

    Is there a draft concept plan for the proposed works on Clarke St?

    Yes. The draft concept plan is based on feedback from previous consultations such as the West Footscray Neighbourhood Plan, the Draft Bicycle Strategy 2020 and preliminary consultation with the businesses and services in Barkly Village.

    What is proposed for the Clarke Street pop up park?

    The Clarke Street pop-up park will be a trial for up to 24 months.

    ·  road closure at the northern end of Clarke St for traffic

    ·  new artificial turf, seating, replace the existing water fountain with a water fountain/bottle filler and dog bowl fixture and ramp for all abilities access

    ·  a community news stand and street library 

    ·  additional seating

    ·  increased greenery

     ·  access to power for events and option for Wi-Fi connectivity

    ·  additional solar powered lighting

    Is the pop-up park temporary?

    Yes. We will trial the success of the park over 18-24 months. If it is under-utilised it will be removed.

    What do the proposed street upgrades to Clarke Street include?

    The proposed streetscape upgrades will include:

    ·  a temporary pop up park space, with seating, greening, a new water fountain/bottle filler with dog bowl at base and improved lighting.

    ·  more greening – infill tree planting along Clarke Street and a raingarden near Cross Street

    ·  greater comfort and convenience for pedestrians – more seating near Barkly St, new tree planting along Clarke Street and a new pedestrian crossings at Cross Street

    ·  improved access and safety for cyclists – bicycle symbols on road along Clarke St, new bicycle connection to Carmichael Street and new crossing with traffic calming devices to the Cross Street shared path

    Will the existing pedestrian crossings on Barkly at Clarke Street be altered?

    Not for the pop up trial, improvements to the crossing may be sought if the park is to be made permanent.

    Are there improvements to Barkly Village in the project including a new pedestrian crossings over Barkly St?

    The project is focused on Clarke Street improvements.  Improvements to the streetscape for Barkly Village are being prepared for community consultation, Council will present concept plans including an additional 1-2 pedestrian crossings at a later date.  

    Will car parking spaces be affected by the proposal?

    Parking provision for the Clarke Street Improvements has a small reduction from the current level.  The concept plan proposes:

    Two spaces will be removed to allow for the installation of the pop up park.  

    One space on Clarke Street and One space on Carmichael Street will be removed for the bicycle connection to Carmichael Street.

    Two spaces will be removed to allow for the new connection to the Cross Street shared path.

    How will the community’s feedback be used?

    The engagement process aims to gain feedback for use in the further development of the concept plan.

    What happens next from here?

    The concept design will be reviewed in light of the feedback received from the community. A revised concept plan will then be presented to Council for approval to go to detailed design stage.