Revisiting Our Community Vision and Community Plan

In 2018, Council endorsed Maribyrnong 2040, our first Community Plan for the City of Maribyrnong.

The Community Plan includes our first Community Vision, as required by the Local Government Act 2020, which helps inform the future strategic direction of Council.

The Community Vision should, as its name suggests, reflect our community’s expectations for the future.

The Community Vision is underpinned by the four-year Council Plan and the ten-year Asset and Financial plans, which provide direction on how this vision can be achieved.

Currently our Community Vision is:

We will be commencing a review of the Community Vision and Community Plan later in the year to ensure it still aligns with our community's expectations.

In the second half of 2024, we will also commence work to review the ten-year Asset and Financial Plans and to prepare for the new four-year Council Plan.

Maribyrnong 2040 is an overarching strategic document – written for the community by the community – that informs future strategic directions of Council and can also be used by the wider community to guide civic participation and engagement.

There were over 500 contributions towards the community vision, with community engagement centered on what kind of future residents wanted for the municipality over the next 20 years.

Maribyrnong 2040 is guided by five themes:

  1. Enabling active citizenship
  2. Living well
  3. Shaping our natural and built environments
  4. Working and learning
  5. Linking people and places

To download a copy of the Community Plan visit: Maribyrnong 2040: Community Plan - Maribyrnong

The Asset Plan guides the efficient and effective management of community assets, such as buildings, roads, and drainage systems, through to footpaths, bike paths and parks and ovals, over a 10 year period.

It is focused on ensuring the approximately 54 thousand infrastructure assets in the municipality are managed in a way that ensures they are fit for purpose for the community – now and for future generations – while also providing best value outcomes throughout their lifecycle in terms of cost taking into account things like population growth, demographic changes, ageing infrastructure and technology advances.

The Plan focuses on four asset classes:

  • Open Space, which covers parks, public open spaces and streetscapes, along with recreational, leisure and community facilities.
  • Drainage, which covers underground drainage pipes and drainage pits that manage stormwater flow.
  • Transport, which covers public roads, footpaths, kerbs, carparks and bridges.
  • Buildings, which covers building assets, ranging from sporting and community facilities through to recreational facilities and public toilets.

The development of the 10-year Asset Plan is a requirement under the Local Government Act 2020 to support the implementation of the Community Plan, Community Vision and Council Plan Objectives.

To download a copy of the Asset Plan visit: Asset Plan - Maribyrnong

The Council Plan 2021-2025 guides what we do and how we do it over a four-year period.

It expresses our vision for creating an inclusive, flourishing, progressive city that cares for both its residents and its environment.

The most recent Council Plan was adopted in June 2021 following extensive community engagement.

Under the Council Plan 2021-25, our priorities are:

  • Safe climate and healthy environment: Council will proactively identify opportunities to support a return to a safe climate and healthy environment and work with our community to respond to climate emergency challenges.
  • Liveable neighbourhoods: Council will partner with its community to provide and advocate for integrated built and natural environments with access to open spaces that are well maintained, engaging, accessible and respectful of the community and neighbourhoods.
  • A place for all: Council will provide well-planned neighbourhoods and a strong local economy, delivering services that are inclusive and accessible to the whole community, and that support wellbeing, healthy and safe living, connection to the community, and cultural interaction.
  • Future focussed: Council will plan and advocate for new infrastructure and safe, sustainable and effective transport networks and a smart innovative city that encourages and supports new generations to thrive.
  • Ethical leadership: Council will proactively lead our changing City using strategic foresight, innovation, transparent decision making and well-planned and effective collaboration and community engagement to support community and economic growth during the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and beyond.

The Council Plan incorporates the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan, and focuses on improving the physical, social, natural, cultural and economic environments that impact community health.

It is reviewed annually to consider emerging community needs.

To download a copy of the Council Plan visit: Council Plan - Maribyrnong

The 10-Year Long Term Financial Plan (Financial Plan) is a document that considers both the current financial situation and future projections to support delivery of projects, initiatives and programs our community think are most important for our City over the next 10 years.

The Financial Plan links to the achievement of the Community Vision and the Council Plan within the Integrated Strategic Planning & Reporting framework, a framework that guides the Council in identifying community needs and aspirations over the long term (Community Vision), medium term (Council Plan) and short term (Annual Budget) and then holding itself accountable (Annual Report).

Under the Local Government Act 2020, Council is required to deliver a Financial Plan that covers a 10-year period.

To download a copy of the Financial Plan visit: 10-Year Financial Plan - Maribyrnong

Ways to get involved

The community vision is your vision and we believe it is important everyone, who wants to, should have a hand in reviewing it.

The Local Government Act 2020 also requires feedback on the Community Vision, Asset Plan, Council Plan and Financial Plan to be gathered using deliberative engagement processes.

To be truly ‘written by the community, for the community’ we are keen to see many residents involved this time around.

We will be introducing a new engagement tool in April 2024 for the first time to help understand how people would like to be involved – what tools and methods you would like us to use to encourage residents to participate.

This is the most significant opportunity to influence Council’s decision-making for the next four years. If you are keen to become involved hit the follow button at the top of the page to stay up-to-date with the latest information and project updates.