Council Plan Update

On Tuesday 15 June, Council endorsed the Council Plan 2021-25 following months of community engagement generating more than 7,500 comments, which contributed to the development of this important strategic document.

During the final phase of engagement, we shared the draft Council Plan with you. A summary of your feedback and Council’s response is below.


Council’s response

Improve the measures and indicators that relate to gender equity, family violence and gender-based violence.

Council’s Towards Gender Equity 2030 Strategy acknowledges making change in this space is multi-faceted and long term. The high-level nature of the Council Plan makes it hard to capture the breadth of work occurring in this space, however the Strategy, along with two-yearly action plans and an evaluation framework is publically available on our website by searching ‘Promoting gender equity’. Council is also a key partner in delivering the regional ‘Preventing Violence Together 2030 Strategy’, which is also publically available online. Changes were also been made to the draft Council Plan prior to adoption to improve the measures/indicators to make it clearer that, in addition to the strategies in Towards Gender Equity 2030, Council will also be rolling out gender impact assessments on major public facing policies, strategies and programs; and developing workplace gender equality actions as required under the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Council to establish an LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee to support the development of the LGBTIQA+ Strategy and Action Plan, and also assist with monitoring its implementation.

The Implementation Plan in the adopted Council Plan has been updated to include an action to establish an LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee by December 2021.

Include a commitment 'to work with the community to achieve zero community carbon emissions by 2030'

Council’s commitment to working with our community to respond to climate emergency challenges including zero carbon emissions is highlighted in the descriptor underneath Objective 1: Safe climate and health environment on page 18 of the Council Plan. In addition, page 14 of the Climate Emergency Strategy notes: “Council cannot address the climate emergency alone. A response will require Council to advocate, educate and engage with the community…and actively collaborate with stakeholders…We need everyone on board working towards two common goals – ceasing our emission of greenhouse gases, and removing emissions from our atmosphere to a safe level.” Council will also be working with its community to develop and implement the Climate Emergency Action Plan, which will outline ways to achieve zero emissions within defined timeframes. The Climate Emergency Action Plan will in turn support delivery of the Climate Emergency Strategy – the key strategy to achieve the Strategic Objective 1: Safe climate and health environment.

Increase in bicycle infrastructure

The Maribyrnong Bicycle Strategy provides the 10 year vision to improve cycling infrastructure across the city and is subject to funding in the capital works program, funding from State Government authorities, and broader consultation with the community. Council has provided its first protected bicycle facility at Eldridge Street and will be rolling out this facility in French Street Footscray and parts of Braybrook in the coming years.

The 2021/22 Budget was also recently endorsed, and includes $6.65 million to build and improve footpath and cycle ways, which is made up of:

  • $2.767 million as part of the Sunshine Transport Precinct Activation – Walking and Cycling Network
  • $1.9 million in bicycle and pedestrian upgrades
  • $300,000 footpaths and pram crossings
  • $655,000 in bicycle trail lighting
  • $150,000 for mountain bike track feasibility and design

The Council Plan 2021-2025 captures our community’s aspirations and expresses a vision for an inclusive, flourishing, progressive city that cares for both its residents and its environment.

Download the Council Plan 2021-2025 to view the entire document, or view the highlights by downloading the Council Plan 'at a glance' document.

Under the Council Plan 2021-25, our priorities are:

  • Safe climate and healthy environment: Council will proactively identify opportunities to support a return to a safe climate and healthy environment and work with our community to respond to climate emergency challenges.
  • Liveable neighbourhoods: Council will partner with its community to provide and advocate for integrated built and natural environments with access to open spaces that are well maintained, engaging, accessible and respectful of the community and neighbourhoods.
  • A place for all: Council will provide well-planned neighbourhoods and a strong local economy, delivering services that are inclusive and accessible to the whole community, and that support wellbeing, healthy and safe living, connection to the community, and cultural interaction.
  • Future focussed: Council will plan and advocate for new infrastructure and safe, sustainable and effective transport networks and a smart innovative city that encourages and supports new generations to thrive.
  • Ethical leadership: Council will proactively lead our changing City using strategic foresight, innovation, transparent decision making and well-planned and effective collaboration and community engagement to support community and economic growth during the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and beyond.

The Council Plan incorporates the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan, and focuses on improving the physical, social, natural, cultural and economic environments that impact community health.

It is reviewed annually to consider emerging community needs.

Council Plans are developed following Council elections and after extensive community consultation and feedback.

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