Council Plan

    What is a Council Plan?

    The Council Plan (The Plan) is a key strategy document that guides the planning, development, allocation of resources and provision of services to the Maribyrnong community. 

    It describes the strategic objectives, ways to achieve the objectives, indicators for measuring progress and the resources required to implement the plan for at least four years. It generally has a strong focus on public health and wellbeing and reflects feedback from community and stakeholders.

    How will the community feedback be analysed and incorporated into the development of the Council Plan?

    Because The Plan is a visionary document designed to shape the future of the City, it is important we capture community aspirations early in the process to support the development of the document.

    To support community input into the planning and delivery, three phases are proposed:

    Phase 1:  (early December)

    Seek early thinking on ‘the areas the community thinks Council should be focusing on over the next four years” .

    Phase 2:  (late January through mid-February 2021)

    Further engagement to broaden understanding of the early thinking.

    Phase 3: (April 2021)

    Seek formal feedback on the draft plan noting how community feedback has influenced its development. This provides opportunity for council to understand ‘have we got it right’. 

    Why does Maribyrnong need a four year Council plan?

    The Local Government Act requires councils to prepare a council plan. 

    The Local Government Act 2020 further mandates development of a Council Plan involves an element of deliberative engagement. 

    The Plan is revised every four years and must be adopted within six months after each general election or by 30 June, whichever is the later. The last revision was in 2017. It is now due for review with a new Council being elected in November 2020.

Health and wellbeing FAQs

    What do we mean by ‘health’ and healthy communities?

    The World Health Organisation defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

    Health is a resource for everyday life, and the enjoyment of health is a fundamental human right. Where and how we live, work and play influences our experiences of health. The complex interaction between genetics, health behaviours, access to quality healthcare, social and economic factors determine our experiences of health. The factors that have the biggest impact on health and wellbeing are often beyond our control such as the distribution of money, power and resources. Therefore governments all around the world play a key role and help shape the social, economic and physical environments for health in partnership with the community.  

    What is the City of Maribyrnong’s role in promoting healthy communities?

    Maribyrnong City Council is committed to promoting and protecting the wellbeing of our community across all life stages. We will achieve this through working to create and improve the physical, social, natural, cultural and economic environments that promote health and wellbeing.

    Council has a vital role to play as leader, partner, advocate and planner in developing and implementing strategies to protect and promote health, now and into the future.

    Local government plays an important role in the promotion, improvement and protection of health.   Council is intrinsically linked with communities where they live, work and play. It has responsibility for a range of areas including, roads, parks, waste, land use, local laws, housing, urban planning, personal and home care, early years services, recreation, community development, health protection, emergency management and advocating for community needs.

    What were Council's previous H&W priorities?

    Health and wellbeing priorities for 2017-21 are:

    • advocacy and engagement
    • participation and inclusion
    • prevention of violence against women
    • healthy and active lifestyles
    • early years, children and youth services and engagement
    • alcohol and other drugs
    • community safety
    • open space in natural and urban environments
    • community infrastructure
    • housing
    • sustainable transport options
    • truck and traffic pollution
    • climate change, air pollution, tree planting

    There are a number of actions that have been implemented across council to address these priority areas. To see what has been achieved since 2017 click here Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan - Maribyrnong