Central West Structure Plan

    What is a Structure Plan?

    A Structure Plan is a planning tool that establishes a long-term vision for an area. It is a “blueprint” for the future that provides detail on changes in land use activity, the design of new buildings and public spaces, and how people get to and move around the area.

    Who will this affect?

    The Central West Activity Centre in Braybrook has an employment focus with retail, office, industrial, warehouse, and other commercial uses generally bounded by Ashley Street to the east, the Tottenham Station train tracks to the south, Ruby Way and Melon Street to the west, and Hampden Street to the north. 

    The project may affect people who own property, operate a business, work at the centre, live close to or visit the centre regularly.

    Why prepare a new Structure Plan?

    The Central West Structure Plan 2008 was prepared more than 10 years ago and needs to be updated to take into consideration changes to State policy, the economy and business environment, demographics and community aspirations.

    What is an Activity Centre?

    Activity centres are vibrant community hubs where people shop, work, meet, relax and often live. They range in size from local neighbourhood shopping strips to centres that include universities and major regional shopping malls.

    The Central West Activity Centre is the City of Maribyrnong’s third largest Activity Centre after Footscray and Highpoint. The centre is located close to the Tottenham Railway Station and is served by bus routes 216 and 220. It has an employment focus with retail, office, industrial, and warehouse being the predominant uses. The centre is made up of three interconnected parts including the Central West Retail Plaza (a Shopping Centre with Coles and Aldi), the Braybrook Industrial Precinct, and the Central West Business Park.

    State Policy identifies Central West as a Major Activity Centre, which are places that provide a suburban focal point for a wide range of goods and services.

    What is the purpose of the survey?

    The purpose of the survey is to obtain feedback from people who know the centre best – local traders, workers, residents, and visitors to find out what should be retained, improved, or changed. 

    Results from the community survey will support Council’s evidence-based research and analysis to provide a more complete picture of the existing conditions, opportunities and constraints. This increased understanding is crucial to ensuring planning objectives in the future draft Structure Plan achieve the best outcomes for the Activity Centre and the community.

    How can I have my say?

    Complete our online survey or ask for a hard copy of the survey to be mailed to you by contacting Strategic Planning on strategic.planning@maribyrnong.vic.gov.auor 9688 0200.

    Council officers will be holding two pop-up events at the Central West Shopping Centre on 19 March (Thursday) from 9am -12pm and 21 March (Saturday) from 9am -12pm to answer questions.

    What happens next?

    A Council report summarising key results from the consultation will be prepared, submitted to Council and made publicly available.

    Following this, a Draft Central West Structure Plan will be prepared. The community will be consulted on the draft plan.  Further information on planned consultation and engagement activities will be posted online in the second half of 2020.