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Community safety is a high priority for Council, and CCTV systems are one of a variety of responses utilised to improve perceptions of safety, deter anti-social and criminal behaviour and to equip law enforcement agencies with intelligence they otherwise would not have.

Council’s focus on community safety is framed within Council’s A Shared Approach to Safety Strategy 2015-2017 which provides for the universal approaches to crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and place-making. These approaches are known to have an effective and sustainable impact on both crime prevention and perceptions of safety and are with in the remit of local government. CCTV cameras are associated with a significant increase in people’s perception of safety and are therefore a valuable tool when part of a suite of crime prevention initiatives.

Council receives a large number of requests to install CCTV cameras from community members, business groups and Victoria Police. The CCTV Policy will provide increased rigour and consistency when considering these requests.

Extensive consultation and research was undertaken in the development of the Policy to ensure a robust and consistent decision making process will be followed and all relevant legislation adhered to. You can view the Background Paper and full Policy in the document library on the right of the screen.

To have your say on the draft Policy read the various sections of the Policy outlined below and respond in our short survey.

CCTV Policy 2017 - 2021

Consultation has concluded