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Maribyrnong City Council (MCC) is committed to improving sustainability and transport connectivity in our City. Facilitating the transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs), including convenient access to EV charging infrastructure, plays a significant role in meeting this commitment. This policy addresses the opportunities for EV charging infrastructure, encouraging, enabling and guiding the installation of EV infrastructure across our city.

EVs are the basis for future transportation, both in Maribyrnong, and beyond. With the environmental impact of transport a significant issue for Councils and Governments, EVs offer a sustainable and increasingly affordable future.

Implementation of EV charging infrastructure is a fundamental step towards the wide-scale uptake of EVs. Benefits include:

  • reduced dependency on petroleum
  • reduced emissions and improved air quality
  • future proofing transport/mobility
  • data insights and utilisation

Key objectives of this policy are to:

  • encourage the coordinated roll-out of EV charging infrastructure across Maribyrnong
  • inform local residents, businesses and investors about Council’s role and how to seek further guidance
  • facilitate consistent and timely responses to community and stakeholder enquiries