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We’ve made some changes to the way we engage with our community since the adoption of our Community Engagement Policy last February.

The Policy includes a set of principles and commitments to guide open, transparent, meaningful and accountable engagement. We’ve applied these principles and commitments to a number of projects, including engaging early and reporting back in a more timely way to our community.

On the Council Plan, for example, residents were initially asked to nominate the top six priorities they wanted Council to focus on in the coming four years and then again for further feedback before we shared the draft for additional comment. Over seven months and three phases of engagement more than 7,500 individual comments came in which directly influenced the vision, strategic objectives and actions in the final document.

While we are pleased to see increased engagement and participation generally, which is one of the Policy objectives, we know we’re not there yet which is why we want to sense check with you that we’re on the right track – to rank our engagement scorecard if you like.

Your feedback will be important in ensuring going forward Council can achieve its goal of not just delivering best practice engagement, but setting new benchmarks in best practice engagement.

While you are here, if you are interested in being more involved, please sign up for the Community Panel – Maribyrnong Matters – a forum for anyone with an interest in our community to be part of the conversation on Council’s planned activities.

You can find a copy of the Community Engagement Policy here

For more information please see FAQs and Documents for further information.

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