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“Developing a shared meaning of what good community engagement should look like between Council and our community will provide a robust baseline on which we can develop engagement initiatives going forward that will better reflect the needs of residents and ratepayers.”– Mayor Michael Clarke

Because communities today are increasingly seeking more direct ways to be involved around issues in which they have an interest we want to ensure there are genuine opportunities for our community to be involved in decisions we make that impact them.

Maribyrnong City Council has recently updated its Community Engagement Policy to include changes required under the Local Government Act 2020.

The draft policy draws on how Council engages, with who, on which projects and the desired outcomes of engaging with the community and is part of Council’s commitment to seeking a high level of community engagement and participation, ensuring more informed decision-making.

It includes a set of principles that will guide open, transparent, meaningful and accountable engagement going forward. While we welcome your comments on the draft policy generally, we’re particularly keen to understand if we’ve got these guiding principles right.

For more information please see FAQs and Draft Engagement Policy for further information.

Have your say

The proposed Community Engagement Policy is open for public comment from 8 December 2020 to 20 January 2021

Please share your thoughts with us by filling in our Survey: Use the Survey form below.

You’re also invited to join our Community Panel. Maribyrnong Matters is open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in their community. It’s a long-term initiative to provide our community a voice on Council planning and activities. The Council Plan is one of the first big projects we’ll engage the Panel on.

Taking a principled approach: Draft Community Engagement Policy feedback form

Consultation has concluded