Masterplan upgrades to Western Lawn scheduled for 2023

Upgrade works to improve the condition of the Western Lawn, identified in the Footscray Park Masterplan 2011, will commence in January 2023.

Works include excavation of the existing law, improvements to the drainage and irrigation systems, turf laying, and landscaping, with upgrades also to power and lighting.

Originally scheduled as part of the 2023/24 capital works program, Council agreed as part of deliberations on the 2022/23 Budget to fast-track the upgrade works, which require the temporary closure of the Western Lawn for up to 12 months. This is to allow the turf to properly establish after the physical construction works which will take around five months.

Follow progress at the project page on council's website:

The 2011 Masterplan, supports an increase in a range of cultural, recreational, and sporting opportunities, to attract a wider audience to value and appreciate the Park. It also incorporates a number of additional initiatives including free public wifi, new walking paths, and improved interfaces with Victoria University.

The potential for a junior football academy in partnership with Melbourne Victory Football Club (MVFC), floated in 2019 was not endorsed by Council.

Engagement on an updated Footscray Park Masterplan concluded in April 2019. The document was not endorsed by Council.