Consultation has concluded

In mid 2016 Council called for contributions regarding the future use of the Footscray Trugo Club site at 139 Buckley St Seddon. The consultation generated very strong interest with more than 350 people responding to the online survey. Council carefully considered the feedback in line with relevant Council strategies and has now developed a Draft Concept Plan which can be viewed on the right side of the screen.

298 of the survey respondents suggested the site be used for trugo. A large number (125) also suggested the site should be open to the public and used for various open space uses. A number of respondents noted that trugo and open space could be compatible uses.

Here is some further feedback on the responses Council received and the way these have been addressed in developing the draft plan.

Use of the site for trugo

Use of the site for trugo is supported given the strong response from the community. Allowing an open lawn area for casual trugo and general use as open space could achieve a flexible and multi-use space.

Existing pavilion building

Of the 298 respondents suggesting trugo, 25 per cent also mentioned retention and restoration of the existing pavilion.

The pavilion in its current state is in a very poor condition and would require substantial investment in order to be made safe for use, including the need for a toilet.

Council decided that following Stage 1 implementation the success and growth of the trugo club would be assessed over the following 2 years. If the trugo club continues to grow the pavilion requirements will be considered at this time. This may involve the retention, restoration or replacement of the structure.

Commercial venue

Several submissions suggested a café, bar or other commercial use of the pavilion building (25 contributions received). This is not supported as the Maribyrnong Municipal Strategic Statement on economic development discourages retail development outside of identified activity centres.

Commercial activity is inconsistent with the Maribyrnong Open Space Strategy recommendations for the site.

Community garden

Suggestions for a community garden in this location (25 contributions received) are not currently supported by Council. Council's priority is to focus on supporting existing gardens in order to make them sustainable in their membership and management. The development of any new community gardens will be encouraged on ancillary land (such as surplus rail land) rather than usable open space.


Several people suggested a playground be provided at this location (10). Given the small size of the site, the incorporation of a playground would preclude use of the site for trugo, and is therefore not supported at this location. The existing playground at Bristow Reserve on Pilgrim Street, located 300m from the site, serves this neighbourhood.

Dog park

Several requests were received for the site to be used as an off leash dog park (16). The small size of the site makes this use impractical. There would not be a large enough space for dogs to run freely and such intense use in a small area would lead to great difficulty in maintaining any acceptable grass surface. It would also preclude use of the site for trugo.

Please let us know what you think of the Draft Concept Plan in the guestbook below. These comments will be collated and considered in finalising the Plan.

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