What does the community have the opportunity to provide feedback on for the Cowper Street redevelopment works?

    • Exact location of some sections of the new road pavement and footpaths
    • Car parking allocations and parking time restrictions i.e. can consider a 15 minute parking spot for loading and unloading

    Why is Harris Street being proposed to close?

    The closure of Harris St is part of the Westgate Tunnel’s plans to build a new cycling and pedestrian bridge over Whitehall Street to create a link between Yarraville Gardens and the Maribyrnong River; and upgrade cycling facilities along Hyde Street from Somerville Road to improve cyclist safety. The Westgate Tunnel project work is due to be completed in the area in 2023, and in the interim, the space will be landscaped for the community to enjoy.

    What will the redevelopment of the Cowper Street upgrades include?

    • Making Cowper Street one-way entry from the Harris Street end opening up to two ways after 131 Hyde Street.
    • Constructing new road pavement, pedestrian sidewalks, new public smart lighting, new rainwater gardens, additional trees, new drainage system to be built underground replacing the above surface design currently used  and a foot bridge over the open drain at Lyons Street
    • Constructing carparks behind the Yarraville Tennis Club, 131 Hyde Street, and along Cowper Street itself

    What does the legal Statutory process of a proposed road closure involve?

    1. Statutory/public notice, for publishing in local paper and on Council's website.
    2. List of address details for owners and occupiers of abutting and other affected properties
    3. Closure notification letter with the same public notice for distribution to owners/occupiers as above
    4. Public is given the right to make a submission, not less than 28 days after the public notice is published
    5. There is a public hearing where submissions can be heard.

    What are the next steps from here?

    Following the 29th of July and once all written Community Submissions have been received via governance@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au, Council will organise a public hearing on 4 August 2020 at 5:30pm. Any request to be heard must be clearly stated within the written submission. Any person requesting to be heard is entitled to appear in person or by a person acting on their behalf before a committee appointed consisting of the whole of Council. All submissions will be considered in accordance with section 223 of Local Government Act.

    Who is Council working closely alongside?

    Maribyrnong City Council are working closely with the Westgate Tunnel project team, the Department of Transport, sport and recreation groups, local businesses within the area and community members to ensure they all have a clear understanding of the project, the proposed changes and have an opportunity to submit feedback.