Harris Reserve Playground

    Why is some playground equipment being upgraded?

    We are upgrading some of the existing equipment as it has started to decline and some elements need to be replaced. This upgrade will ensure that in addition to meeting the Australian Safety Standards, the playground will continue to be a safe and fun place for our community to enjoy.

    Why is playground proposed to be expanded?

    It has been observed that not many people use the path on the north side of the reserve. Removal of this path would allow for expansion of the playground to incorporate natural play elements which none of the playgrounds in Seddon currently have.

    The seating areas at the ends of the path would be retained for public use.

    Why is the fence to be replaced?

    The fence has been identified for replacement as part of Council’s asset renewal program. It is proposed to replace the existing fencing with emu wire fencing to reflect the heritage elements of the area.

    What works will occur on the paths?

    The paths will be retained as gravel, but will be stabilised with a bonding agent and rolled to make them level. This will reduce the likelihood of depressions forming which could hold water after rain.

    When would the works occur?

    Works would be anticipated to occur in March/April 2020.