Consultation has concluded

Council is renewing its commitment to human rights and social justice through the development of our draft Human Rights and Social Justice Framework 2017-2021. This document builds on the work of the 2012-2016 Framework and is accompanied by an Action Plan for 2017.

The development of the Framework has been guided by a Steering Group comprised of Council's Chief Executive Officer and staff from across the organisation's directorates. This Group will continue to progress the Annual Action Plans to ensure our organisation's commitment is achieved.

What are Human Rights and Social Justice?

Human rights are the rights that belong to everyone. These rights are recognised as the basic standards required for governments and communities to operate in a respectful and peaceful manner.

Social justice is the pursuit of equal rights and equal opportunity for all people in our community. Social Justice seeks to redress the impact that social and economic inequalities have on both the people experiencing it and the wider community.

You can view the Draft Framework in the document library on the right of the screen along with the Key Achievements from the previous Framework, the Pillars for Action and Case Studies and the Annual Action Plan.

Council welcomes your feedback on the new Draft Framework via the short survey below.

Human Rights and Social Justice Framework 2017-21

Consultation has concluded