Each year Council undertakes what is known as a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Study to understand road safety issues and concerns in a targeted area, including walking and cycling.

This year we are undertaking studies in Braybrook (North), Maidstone and Maribyrnong (South).

We want to hear from you. Your feedback is key to helping us understand any existing concerns or issues in the study area.

Braybrook (North), Maidstone study area and survey

The study area is bounded by: Duke Street, Ballarat Road, Rosamond Road, Williamson Road, Wests Road, Cordite Avenue and the Maribyrnong River, as shown on the map below

Maribyrnong (South) study area and survey

The study area is bounded by: Ballarat Road, Rosamond Road, Aquatic Drive, Gordon Street and the Maribyrnong River, as shown on the map below.

Phase one community engagement

More than 800 responses were received from the community during phase one, outlining residents' traffic and transport concerns within the study area, including pedestrians and cyclists. At the same time, Council undertook a range of traffic and speed studies to capture data to also understand road safety issues and concerns.

Council is now progressing the project, reviewing community feedback and traffic study data to develop a Draft Traffic Management Plan (TMP) which will outline proposed changes within the study area to address the highlighted road safety issues.

The Draft TMP will be finalised in early 2022 and then shared with the community for comment - to fact check and ensure the proposed changes address their concerns.

Key feedback received during phase one include:

  • Car and walking travel are the two most popular modes of transport within the area
  • Pedestrian safety, the quantity of vehicles on the road and through traffic on local streets were the highest traffic concerns for residents
  • Footpath and bike path connectivity issues were high
  • Concerns regarding traffic congestion and speeding along key roads such as Ballarat Road and Gordon Street
  • High parking demands
  • Requests to review the intersection traffic signal phasing along Ballarat Road
  • Requests to review the signal phasing and layout of the intersection of Rosamond Road and Mitchell Street
  • Requests for treatments such as pedestrian crossings, new signalised intersections, parking restrictions and turn bans.