What does the Licensed Premises policy address?

    The policy addresses the full range of amenity issues that Council may consider under the planning system. This includes venue location and design, noise, hours of operation, patron numbers, car parking and public transport access.

    Does this mean liquor licensing laws are changing?

    No, not as part of this policy. Liquor licensing is regulated by State Government. Many licensed premises also require a planning permit, which is issued by Council. The policy gives additional guidance to Council when assessing planning permits for licensed premises.

    Will there be extended operating hours granted in my area?

    Not necessarily.  This policy provides a guide to Council's decision making, ensuring appropriate operating hours in appropriate locations.  The policy specifically discourages trading hours after 11pm in residential areas.

    Does this change whether or not I need a planning permit for a licensed premises?

    No. The policy doesn’t change whether you need a planning permit. It helps inform Council’s decision making and gives policy guidance to applicants and the community.

    I currently operate a licensed premises in the City of Maribyrnong. What does the policy mean for me?

    If you currently hold valid planning permit, there are no changes. However if you wish to extend your operating hours or seek other variations that trigger the need for a new planning permit, the policy would inform Council’s decision making on your application.