Maribyrnong City Council is committed to seeking alternate revenue streams and external funding opportunities to reduce the reliance on rates.

On 14 September 2021, it resolved to test the community’s appetite for offsetting municipal rates through the establishment of an enterprise with the objective of cultivating, producing and manufacturing medicinal cannabis.

With the rapidly rising domestic demand, this enterprise has the potential to bring in a solid income stream from a legal product to not only offset rates, but also deliver employment opportunities and contribute to the wellbeing of community members with chronic health conditions for whom conventional medicines do not work.

Medicinal cannabis products are legal, high quality medicines used to treat illness or pain and prescribed by a doctor.

It has been shown to relieve pain and may be useful in treating:

  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Symptoms associated with Cancer
  • Pain
  • Symptom relief in palliative care

State and federal government only opened the door for medicinal cannabis operations in 2015. The market is still strictly regulated, but given increases in demand the market in Australia is forecast to reach $5 billion by 2025.

Have your say

Council is keen to understand if this is something you would support if it would reduce the burden on ratepayers.

For more information please see our FAQs, important links and video pages.

Have your say by filling out the survey below or the public forum details below.

Feedback deadline has been extended to mid January 2022 to enable more community feedback.

Public forum - Medicinal Cannabis a Maribyrnong enterprise?

Council held a public forum on Thursday 30 September to answer community questions regarding the medicinal cannabis notice of motion. The responses to these questions are now available on this page under 'Forum Q&As'.

A recording of the forum is also available to view below.

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Medicinal Cannabis Survey 2021

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