Raising the design bar for medium density housing

New Guidelines Adopted

The Maribyrnong Medium Density Design Guide 2023 was endorsed by Council at a meeting on 26 April 2023 with the objectives and standards outlined forming the basis for future Planning Scheme amendments.

The Design Guide sets expectations about the importance of thoughtful, considered, and sustainable design in meeting our future needs.

It considers 48 specific elements to help improve design quality and consistency - specifically in relation to townhouse developments- recognising our need for more liveable homes and neighbourhoods we want to be part of - that build a sense of community rather than erode it.

The Design Guide was developed in response to our community's desire to see high-quality, sustainable, and thoughtful developments to accommodate our growing population - and specifically in relation to medium-density developments, which are the single largest development type in Maribyrnong.

The draft document was shared with the community towards the end of 2022. From the 90 contributions (63 on a quick poll and 28 via a questionnaire) there was general support for the need for such a resource and the intent of each guideline. The issue of 'enforceability' of the guidelines was the only question raised.

You can view the Design Guide on our website www.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au/files/assets/public/council-plans-reports-and-publications/maribyrnong-medium-density-design-guide_2023.pdf (if you experience any issues downloading the file due to its size, please try switching browsers between Edge and Firefox).

Future Homes Pilot Program

Council is also helping State government pioneer a new pilot program delivering sustainable pre-approved plans for apartment buildings.