A new play space for Nicholson Mall

Pedestrianised in the 1970s, Nicholson Mall in Footscray was the first of its kind in Australia and represented an innovative approach in its creation of a car-free civic space.

Home to a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, and retail outlets, today it serves as a social hub for the community, hosting a range of community activities, cultural events, markets, and gatherings for residents, providing a space to congregate, converse, perform, eat and shop.

In 2006, the area was revamped to facilitate a stronger sense of community and cater to a diverse range of cultural activities, with further improvements in 2008 and refurbishment works in 2017.

We are now planning to use a recent State Government grant to further enhance this important civic space and to encourage more visitors to enjoy the area.

We'll be installing a temporary play space, for a two-year trial period. At the end of the trial, we will re-engage with the community to understand how they feel about retaining the installation on a more permanent basis.

Businesses in Nicholson Mall have already said yes to the idea and we've used their feedback to develop a concept design to illustrate how this could further enhance and activate the mall area and how this temporary play space could look.

Engagement update

The latest community conversation has now closed. We will review what you told us and will provide a report back to Council shortly.

Here's what we're thinking

Concept Image 1
Concept Image 2

Share your thoughts on the initial concept here - including anything that might be missing