Consultation has concluded.

Thank you for participating in voting for the Community Advisory Group representatives. The successful candidates for each precinct are as follows:

  • Braybrook - Jessica Elston
  • Footscray CBD - Megan Bridger-Darling
  • Footscray Hospital - David Bird
  • Highpoint - Eddie Merrifield
  • Seddon – Melea Tarabay
  • West Footscray – Marilyn King
  • Whitten Oval – Linda Woods
  • Yarraville – Steve Smith

Representatives from the trader groups in Braybrook, Footscray CBD, Seddon, West Footscray and Yarraville, and the venue operators from Footscray Hospital, Highpoint and Whitten Oval are also a part of the CAG.

Eight parking precincts have been identified across the City. These can be viewed on a city-wide map compiling all precincts in the document library on the right. One community representative has been elected to each precinct based on the number of votes received through the precinct polls below. Voting was open to all residents in the City of Maribyrnong. To vote residents first needed to register (or sign in), on Your City, Your Voice. Once registered respondents were able to vote once per precinct. However each respondent could vote for a candidate in each precinct. Voting was non-preferential.