We're exploring design options

In May 2022, we asked if there was an appetite for the Raleigh Street pop-up Park to continue to be used as open space, recognising this would require the permanent loss of about thirty car parks. You said 'yes!'

We're now exploring what a permanent park might look like with a view to sharing a draft concept with the community in the first half of 2024.

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What we heard - May 2022

Of the 207 online responses received:
The top three features respondents wanted to see retained were:


Established in 2021 on a trial basis during the pandemic, the Raleigh Street pop-up park has become a popular place for locals, of whom many do not have private open space or easy access to a local park, to meet, exercise, relax, and play.

In late 2020, Council began a conversation with residents on the opportunity to turn an area of car parking at Raleigh Street into a pop-up park, to provide an area nearby where they could relax and enjoy the outdoors during pandemic restrictions.

Remote working and reduced commuter parking meant the area was not being fully utilised at that time.

Council developed a concept design around ways the space could be used, which was shared with neighbours for their feedback.

In 2021, an area of car park was transformed to include a little scooter track with ramps, bouncy half court, a perimeter bike/scooter track, a grassy area, hopscotch, a handball court, and bench seats.

After the opened it was described as a silver lining for those living within five kilometres of Footscray impacted by lockdowns and has remained popular with locals providing a flexible and inviting, easily accessible space for passive and active recreation, nearby.

Initially delivered as part of a 12-month trial, in May 2022 Council went back to the community to test their appetite to retain the pop-up park. After a positive response, we're now working on designs for a permanent installation.