What are the proposed changes?

    The new park will provide a flexible, inviting space to cater to a variety of uses and activities, increasing access to open space for the local community. It will utilize the existing surface to provide for informal and active recreation in an urban setting.

    The proposed park will also:

    • Be built over the asphalt surface
    • Will provide increased greening where possible (eg. Using trees in planters)
    • Will cater to a variety of park uses and age groups, and consider the diverse demographics of the Footscray population and their recreational needs
    • Be in place for 12 months before being reviewed by Council.

    What happens next?

    We will use the feedback from the survey to finalise the plan for the pop-up park.

    We will distribute a further update to the local community on the final plan and timing for installation of the park. This is expected to occur in February - March 2021. 

    What is the purpose of the survey?

    The purpose of the survey is to obtain feedback from people who know Raleigh Street and the surrounding areas best – local traders, workers, residents, and visitors to find out what should be retained, improved, or changed. 

    Results from the community survey will support Council’s evidence-based research and analysis to provide a more complete picture of the existing conditions, opportunities and constraints. 

    Why is the Pop Up Park being proposed?

    In August 2020 Council resolved to utilize a portion of the Raleigh Street carpark in Footscray to create a new temporary park.

    There is a shortage of open space in Footscray, as identified in the Maribyrnong Open Space Strategy 2014. There is the need for new parks to meet the needs of existing residents as well as the future population due to rapid development. 

    Covid-19 has put additional pressure on open spaces as they provide outdoor space for exercise and relaxation while other options are not available to the community. Social distancing requirements add to the need for more open space.

    The new park will cater to the diverse demographic in Footscray, many of whom do not have private open space, or easy access to a local park for outdoor recreation.

    The carpark is used predominantly for commuter carparking, with utilization decreased during the pandemic.

    What are the opportunities to provide input?

    Council welcomes community members to provide any feedback and suggestions they have in the community feedback online . Community members are also invited to register and attend the community online information session and have the opportunity to ask any questions in relation to the proposed Pop Up Park at Raleigh Street..Y