At the June 2023 Council Meeting, Council endorsed the transformation of a vacant lot near the river's edge at 2 Saltriver Place, earmarked for car parking, into an open space.

It was originally intended a private developer would seal the area at 2 Saltriver Place and turn it into a formalised car park. As this has not occurred, Council last year resumed responsibility for the 550 square metre site, which has been operating as informal parking for some years.

Returning the unsealed car park to open space as part of Tannery Reserve will remove around two dozen spaces that have been used informally for parking.

There are 466 restricted public parking spaces in the surrounding road network, with capacity to absorb vehicles that have been using the Saltriver site, once it is converted.

Works are likely to occur in the 2023/24 financial year.

What you told us

In 2022, Council asked residents from approximately 500 nearby properties how they would like to see the area developed.

Broader community engagement was also held in mid-2022.

A Quick Poll asked the following question ‘I want to see the area transformed into open space’. There were 44 responses with the majority (36 or 81.82%) saying yes.

Respondents were also given the opportunity to provide comments on the reason for supporting the transformation of the area to open space or for wanting the area to be formalised as a car park.

The majority who responded expressed a preference to convert the area into open space as a way to provide more open space generally to support health and wellbeing, complement other works in the area as part of the Footscray Wharf and Promenade Upgrade Project, and improve amenity specifically for those who live near the site who were concerned at anti-social behaviour associated with car parks and visitors.