How are trees currently protected in the City of Maribyrnong?

Some trees on public land are protected by Heritage overlays. For trees on land managed by Council there are a range of strategies to ensure their maintenance, protection and succession. These include our Street Tree Planting Strategy, Urban Tree Renewal Plan and regular tree maintenance.

There are a small number of heritage trees on private land that are currently protected by heritage overlays.

What are the significance criteria for trees to be considered for the register?

The criteria used to assess a tree’s significance is based on the National Trust’s Significant Tree Register which has been developed and tested over many years and forms the basis of other tree registers across Australia. To be considered for the register, nominated trees must meet at least one of the significance criteria. Click here to view a detailed explanation of each of the criteria.

What is private land?

Land that is not owned or managed by Council, State or Federal government and agencies.

What happens if a tree on my property goes onto the register? What is the impact of a registered tree on my potential to develop my land?

Interim controls may be sought to protect trees that meet the significance criteria and are included in the register. Interim controls supported by the Minister for Planning and/or a planning scheme amendment will trigger a permit process. You will need Council’s approval to remove, destroy or prune a registered tree. A permit will also be required to perform building works that will affect the trees health or condition within the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) of the tree.

What is a tree protection zone?

A specified area above and below ground and at a given distance from the trunk set aside for the protection of a tree’s roots and crown to provide for the viability and stability of a tree to be retained where it is potentially subject to damage by development.

Are nominations confidential?

The details of nominees will be confidential however locations of significant trees that are accepted onto the Register will be listed once the Register is endorsed by Council.

How will Council notify owners of properties where trees are nominated?

Following the nomination process, the owner of the tree will be notified by a letter stating that tree/s on their property has been nominated for the Register.  An independent arborist will be engaged by Council to come and inspect the tree.  The arborist assessment will determine if the tree is eligible for the register based on the significance criteria.  If the tree is eligible details and photographs of the tree will be recorded and it will be recommended for inclusion on the Register.  If it does not meet the criteria, the tree will not be included.