Consultation has concluded

In 2021, Maribyrnong City Council’s smart city journey is well underway and we would like your feedback on a Smart City Strategic Framework and Implementation Plan. A Smart City refers to the use of digital technology to collect data that can be used to manage assets and resources efficiently. Smart Cities can help create more liveable cities, without compromising the well-being of their citizens. They are innovative in their use of digital solutions to manage services and infrastructure effectively, improve the wellbeing of the community and the environment, and to create vibrant local economies.

Your feedback helps to ensure that a smarter Maribyrnong prioritises the needs and concerns of the citizens and provides useful digital and innovation solutions.

“Maribyrnong City Council is committed to investing in the community and investing in the future. Smart technologies are creating new ways for cities to become more liveable, accessible, connected, safe, sustainable and engaging. This Framework will make the most of these opportunities and deliver them to the people of Maribyrnong,” said Mayor, Cr Michael Clarke.

Council is committed to co-designing this Framework with the community and key stakeholders. Council is looking to closely engage with residents and local business people to tailor the project and outcomes to the needs and priorities of the city.

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