A Smart City is one that uses technology, data, and innovation to enhance liveability, prosperity and sustainability for the community.

This includes things such as free public Wi-Fi, smart parking sensors, air quality sensors, digital kiosks, traffic counters, smart lighting, and more to help make cities more liveable and provide useful data that helps make informed decisions.

Smart Cities are innovative in their use of digital solutions to manage services and infrastructure effectively, improve the wellbeing of the community and the environment, and create vibrant local economies.

On 17 May 2022, Council approved its Smart City Strategic Framework which has been designed to enable Council to build on the strong foundations set by current and past smart city projects.

The framework will allow Council to expand its program, while defining a clear governance structure and ensuring robust processes are in place for key Smart City decisions to align with other Council priorities.

You can view the approved framework here.

Smart City Framework Launch

The Strategy was launched at the Smart City Showcase Study Tour and networking event hosted on behalf of the Australian Smart Cities Association (ASCA). The tour covered a number of key sites around Footscray where smart technologies are being used.

Engagement Findings

The Smart City Framework was informed by two community conversations which included a series of workshops and two public surveys.

In 2021, 62% of those who completed the initial survey were at least moderately familiar with the concept of smart cities and smart technologies and almost half (46%) believed Maribyrnong should be a leader and explore cutting-edge smart technology.

We then asked whether the key principles and initiatives in the draft strategy - 'A Smart City for Smart Cities - Smart City Strategic Framework', which had been informed by the earlier feedback.

Your top three themes were:

  • ‘An empowered and connected community' – enhance the physical and online accessibility of our services
  • ‘A resilient and sustainable future’ – Improve the sustainability and resource-use of local parks and green spaces
  • ‘An economy for the digital age’ – Increasing partnerships with local providers to deliver Smart projects

Your top three initiatives were:

  • Public electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure to make it easier for electric vehicle owners to charge their cars
  • Additional environmental sensors to monitor air quality and climate conditions
  • Digital literacy training and support for isolated and disadvantaged members of the community.

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In 2021, we had an initial conversation with you to support the development of a draft Smart Cities Strategic Framework. This included workshops and a public survey.

Of those who filled in the survey:

  • 62% were at least moderately familiar with the concepts of smart cities and smart technology.
  • Though only 38% were aware of existing smart city projects, initiatives and activities in Maribyrnong.
  • 50% were aware of expanded free public Wi-Fi in Footscray (the highest initiative in terms of awareness). This was followed by pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle counting technology (38% )
  • Almost half (46%) believe Maribyrnong should be a leader and explore cutting-edge smart technology.
  • The top objective and aspiration identified by respondents was data-driven planning.
  • Transport, mobility and parking; and asset management provided potential for the most improvement through the use of smart technology.
  • Public buy-in and perceptions of value were top barriers to Maribyrnong becoming a smart city.


Smart City Features

Smart City Features

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