Framing our approach to social justice

In its simplest terms, social justice is the pursuit of equal rights and equal opportunity for all people.

It is premised on addressing the impact that social, environmental, and economic inequalities have on our community.

In its updated Maribyrnong Social Justice Framework, Council reinforces, as the closest level of government to the community, the role it needs to play to deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes while also advocating on important issues outside its immediate control.

Beyond adhering to relevant legislation (including the Equal Opportunities Act 2010), the updated document also confirms a need for Council to embrace opportunities to reduce inequality for residents through its actions - with health inequality and climate justice also referenced as part of Council's social justice commitments for the first time.

View the draft Framework 2023-2033 in the document library and share any comment below or email by midnight Friday 23 February 2024.

Final endorsement of the Framework is scheduled to occur at the April 2024 Council meeting.

Key changes from the previous framework

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as growing inequality across Maribyrnong and Australia more broadly, were important considerations during a review of the existing document (2017-2021) undertaken in 2022.

This is reflected with the addition of Principle Three: Advancing health equity and a commitment to progressing gender equality, and inclusion of climate change and health equity as social justice platforms for the first time.

The revised Draft (2023-2033) acknowledges the impacts of climate change disproportionately impacts communities already facing disadvantage and discrimination.

The Vision


The revised Draft Maribyrnong Social Justice Framework 2023-2033 is underpinned by six principles, which will guide Council's efforts in advancing social justice in Maribyrnong.
  • Upholding Human Rights

    Council will uphold human rights for all its community, including people who experienced disadvantage, poverty and discrimination.

  • Climate Justice

    Council will champion climate justice and work to address the inequitable health impacts of climate change.

  • Health Equity

    Council will respond to and advance health and wellbeing outcomes, recognising health inequality exists in our community and that some groups may experience poorer health outcomes based on their identity and experiences.

  • First Nations Justice

    Acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land and recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is at the centre of our social justice and human rights work.

  • Gender Equity

    Council will actively work towards progressing gender equitable outcomes for the community, through its longstanding commitment to preventing gender based violence and promoting gender equity.

  • Participation in Public Life

    Council will encourage and support engagement by communities in public life.

The Goals

To support the vision for a fair and inclusive community, the revised draft framework identifies three goals which are supported by measures and outcomes.