Stony Creek Future Directions

    What happens next?

    We value your ideas to ensure the Stony Creek Future Directions Plan 2019 reflects the community’s needs and priorities. Once the feedback period has closed Council will review comments from all community members, stakeholder groups and relevant authorities to determine any changes to the draft plan. The final Future Directions Plan will contain an implementation plan with prioritised actions and indicative timeframes.

    How can I have my say?

    Please respond to the online survey and/or attend an information drop-in session to talk to Council officers about the draft plan.

    How was the draft plan developed?

    The draft Stony Creek Future Directions Plan 2019 is informed by feedback received during consultation for the Cruickshank Park Masterplan in 2018 and by recommendations the Community put forward in the Melbourne Water Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan.

    The draft plan incorporates recommendations in keeping with the Maribyrnong Open Space Strategy and also shows opportunities for stormwater treatment raingardens and wetland which have been identified through a stormwater improvement feasibility study.

    What are the recommendations in the plan?

    There are a list of actions for each precinct along the creek corridor. The actions are based on the guiding principles of:

    • a safe and welcoming space for people of all ages and abilities to encourage them to connect with nature

    • improved habitat and biodiversity

    • stormwater treatment incorporated into the landscape for improved water quality and cooling

    • increased vegetation and tree canopy cover

    • a wide variety of active and informal recreation activities

    • improved public access and connections along the creek and linkages between neighbourhoods

    What input can I have to the plan?

    Council is seeking feedback on the recommendations in the draft plan, in particular we want to understand which actions you think are most important.

    Why is a public toilet proposed for Cruickshank Park?

    Council has received requests for a public toilet at Cruickshank Park over recent years due to increased use and provision of park facilities. A toilet was also identified as a priority during consultation on Council’s Public Toilet Strategy (endorsed September 2019).

    The proposed toilet is located close to activity nodes including the playground, providing passive surveillance and accessibility along the path network.

    What is a raingarden?

    Raingardens are specially-designed garden beds that filter pollutants from runoff from the street and stormwater network before it enters our creeks and rivers. Raingardens also provide habitat for birds and insects and provide attractive landscape features.

    When will the plan be implemented

    The Future Directions Plan is a 10 year plan which will be implemented in stages, subject to Council budgets and other external funding opportunities.
    Several actions have current funding and will be implemented in 2020 based on prior Council strategies which are:

    ·  the public toilet in Cruickshank Park,

    ·  the bridge at the end of Cala Street in West Footscray

    ·  improvements to paths in Cruickshank Park