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In late May 2022, Council began installing signage proclaiming 'racism not welcome" in its City - reinforcing a commitment to fostering and promoting a sense of belonging amongst its community.

It chose the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to launch the roll-out, which will see street signs outside Council buildings and open spaces across the municipality and decals stenciled on walkways throughout each of the key business districts.

At the suggestion of a community member, stickers are also available for residents to place on letterboxes, if they wish.

The signage is a key element of the “Racism Not Welcome” campaign initiated in Sydney. It is designed to encourage residents to call out racism and create a community where they place equal value on different cultures, language, and histories.

The majority of residents who responded to a survey last August, not only supported the message but also asked that it be translated into key community languages recognising Maribyrnong’s population is one of the most culturally diverse and fastest growing in Victoria.

Residents come from more than 135 different countries and speak more than 80 languages.

Maribyrnong was the first council in Victoria to endorse the campaign. It has a publicly stated position to 'reduce racism' and address diversity-related prejudices that lay the foundations of discriminatory and racist attitudes within its community.


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