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In June 2021, Maribyrnong became the first Council in Victoria to endorse the “Racism Not Welcome” campaign, developed by the Inner West Multicultural Network in Sydney.

The campaign uses street signage to encourage locals to call out racism and create a community where they place equal value on different cultures, languages and histories.

The campaign provides us an opportunity to also send a strong message that racism is NOT welcome in Maribyrnong and we are asking for your help to tailor our campaign to the needs of our community.

We’re asking for your guidance to shape the look and feel, including the wording of the street signs themselves – as well as nominate streets where the signs could be erected.

This campaign aims to spark conversations within the community and promote positive change, which will only be possible with strong community buy-in.

Maribyrnong’s population is one of the most culturally diverse and fastest growing in Victoria. Residents come from more than 135 different countries and speak more than 80 languages. Recognising this diversity, Council is keen to foster and promote a sense of belonging amongst the community that highlights the advantage of diversity and importance of respecting differences.

While these street signs will be a tangible symbol demonstrating our solidarity on this issue, it will also ultimately be the actions we, as a community, collectively take that will truly demonstrate meaningful cultural diversity.

Our community is wonderfully welcoming and diverse, which is exactly what makes Maribyrnong a great place to live, work and play, and we know they will want to come forward and get on board to stamp out prejudiced behaviour and reinforce that racism is not welcome here.” – Mayor, Cr Michael Clarke

Complete the survey below to tell us if you support the wording of the Sydney model for signage in Maribyrnong, and tell us where you would like to see these signs by adding the location to the ideas wall.


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