As the suburb of Maribyrnong continues to grow, so too does the demand for community facilities from our residents.

We previously held a conversation to understand what Council facilities and services residents of the suburb of Maribyrnong would like to see to support a growing community into the future.

In particular, we asked whether you felt existing facilities needed upgrading, or whether changes to programs or services or the introduction of new programs and services were needed.

We received 152 responses and 49 participants attended in person pop-up sessions at both the Maribyrnong Community Centre and the Raleigh Road Activity Centre. Feedback included:

  • There was a general level of comfort in the ability of current facilities and services to meet their needs now and in the future.
  • A need for more seniors-specific services in line with feedback received in our Annual Community Satisfaction Survey.
  • A desire for more infrastructure and both quality and quantity of passive open space.
  • Some dissatisfaction around the accessibility of the Maribrynong Library, and some dissatisfaction from respondents wanting an outdoor pool.
  • A small number of respondents were unsure what programs and services were currently avaiilable.

In addition, there were three stakeholder workshops held with tenants and user groups of the identified facilities.

This feedback, along with discussions with facility users, key stakeholders, specialist and technical advice, and demographic considerations, continues to support Council planning in the suburb of Maribyrnong.

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There are currently six Council-operated facilities in the suburb of Maribyrnong including:

  • Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre
  • Maribyrnong Community Centre
  • Maribyrnong Kindergarten
  • Maribyrnong Library
  • Maribyrnong Reserve / Raleigh Road Activity Centre
  • Maribyrnong River Children’s Centre

To support local children at the start of their journey, three existing rooms and the outdoor play area within the Maribyrnong Community Centre are being transformed into a dedicated three-year old kindergarten, providing an additional 66 spaces for local toddlers.

Construction began in early 2023 and is scheduled for completion later in 2024.

This work is largely being funded by a grant from the State Government’s ‘Building Blocks’ Program which supports the introduction of state-funded three-year-old kindergarten and will see thousands of three-year kinder places become available across Melbourne.