Village Green Playground

    Why is the playground being upgraded and enlarged?

    This is the only playground in Village Green so it caters to quite a large catchment. The playground is indicated in Council’s Playground Improvement Plan for an upgrade to the space to make it a Neighbourhood Grade playground and increase the variety of play equipment.

    We are upgrading some of the existing equipment as it has started to decline and some elements need to be replaced. This upgrade will ensure that in addition to meeting the Australian Safety Standards, the playground will continue to be a safe and fun place for our community to enjoy.

    Why is fitness equipment proposed for the space?

    It has been observed that many adults use the area for walking and fitness training. The fitness equipment is to encourage this activity and provide facilities for all ages to enjoy.

    Why is the ping pong table proposed to be removed?

    The space is often quite windy and not conducive to playing ping pong where a lightweight ball is used. There is potential to relocate the ping pong table to another reserve and install more fitness equipment in its place.

    When would the works occur?

    Works would be anticipated to occur in March/April 2020.