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Recognising their maturity and potential significance of the cypress trees at a local level Council commissioned both an arboricultural and heritage assessment report to inform planning for tree replacement. The arboricultural report found the majority of Monterey cypress growing around the boundaries of Angliss Reserve have reached their useful life expectancy and will continue to decline over ensuing years. It also confirms that the declining health of these trees presents moderate potential risk that cannot be sustained in the long term through contemporary arboricultural techniques.

The heritage report found that while there are no heritage listings or overlays associated with Angliss Reserve, the deliberate tree planting is estimated to have occurred around the mid 1930s and makes the site aesthetically significant at a local level.

Both reports recommend the trees be replaced in the same alignment with a species of similar shape and size to retain over the long term the character of Angliss Reserve.

To respect the distinct qualities of the Cypress trees, Council are planning to replace these trees with Cedrus libani, Lebanon Cedar shown in the graphic above.

This tree replacement strategy will occur in four stages to reduce the visual impact on the reserve and nearby residents the document to the right of the screen shows the proposed stages for removal and replanting.

Stage 1 tree removals will commence in front of the pavilion carpark (south-west corner of the site). These works are planned for early January 2017 to coincide with carpark improvement works.

Stage 2 tree removals will continue along the north-west frontage of Roberts Street and are programmed for early March 2017.

Replacement tree planting for stages 1 and 2 will commence after April 2017 when planting conditions are favourable.

Future stages are scheduled to occur after that date. Residents will receive further notification prior to each stage of the work.

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