Vietnamese Museum

    What is a ground lease?

    A ground lease allows Council to maintain the long term ownership of a site while providing sufficient certainty to a potential lease to enable them to invest in a building.

    What is the Vietnamese Museum of Australia (VMA)?

    The proposed VMA will include museum and gallery spaces, a reception area, café, community and education facilities, shrine, administration and service areas, a loading bay and staff parking.

    Who is developing the Vietnamese Museum of Australia (VMA)?

    The VMA is proposed by the Vietnamese Community Australia - Victoria Chapter (VCA). The VMA has secured funding of $9.45M for the project from the Federal and State Governments and a pledge of $6M from a private donor.

    What are the benefits of the VMA for Footscray?

    The proposed VMA will provide a much needed venue for Vietnamese contemporary cultural events in Footscray and the opportunity to educate the broader community about the important role that the Vietnamese community and Vietnamese immigration has played in Australian history. The VMA will reinforce Footscray's role as the centre of Vietnamese culture in Melbourne's West, attracting visitors and tourists to Central Footscray who will spend money in other businesses.

    What is Council's role?

    In 2016, Council resolved to support the development of a Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Centre in Maribyrnong, especially on potential sites in Footscray. In 2018, after exploring potential options, Council and the VCA identified the car park at the rear of 220 Barkly Street as the preferred site for the VMA. The two organisations have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to allow more detailed development of the proposal and exploration of a ground lease to occur.

    Is the design of the proposed VMA available?

    The artist impressions are indicative only and the proposal will not progress to the detailed design stage until the site and ground lease arrangements are agreed. It is expected that the Activity Centre Zone will require that the proposed VMA to obtain a planning permit. At that point the proposal will be advertised for feedback with plans, elevations and 3D views provided.

    What will happen to the current car parking on site?

    The future of the 26 car spaces on site is being considered as part of a comprehensive review currently underway into off-street parking across the Footscray Central Activity Area and the best use of these Council assets.