Consultation has concluded

Consultation for this project has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Results are now being collated for consideration of Council and the project consultants. Please watch this page for more in the near future.

Council has identified that a long term vision and Community Facilities Plan is required for RecWest Footscray, Johnson, Shorten and Barrett Reserves.

The West Footscray Community Facilities Plan aims to:

  • ensure we have enough sports facilities and open space to meet the current and future needs of the community
  • determine the feasibility of redeveloping the space to cater to a variety of sports and meet the community's demands now and in the future
  • guide the development of Johnson, Shorten and Barrett Reserves and the integration with RecWest Footscray

The Plan is based around the following project objectives that have been drawn from existing policies and the feasibility study:

  • responsive to changing participation trends, community needs and demands
  • consolidation of assets for more efficient and cost effective asset management
  • facilities that are fit for purpose and meet contemporary compliance guidelines
  • safe and accessible public spaces for all ages
  • maximise net open space
  • improve facilities while maintaining local amenity
  • provide for a variety of open space uses
  • improve community wellbeing and encourage healthy active lifestyles
  • encourage active/sustainable transport modes

Please note there will be no loss of playgrounds or the skate park. If a concept shows that a playground or the skate park has been relocated, it will be replaced with either the same size, or a bigger and better version. All community groups, including the Footscray Scout Group, will have access to new facilities including a multipurpose space incorporated into RecWest.

Where are we now?

Using the findings of previous engagement, as well as our project objectives, we have developed seven concepts to give you an idea of what these spaces could look like. These are being used to facilitate further discussion with the community and are available on the right hand side of this page.

To date, we have consulted with over 20 sports clubs, user groups and community groups. We have spoken with four local schools and conducted surveys with five sporting clubs. Through YourCityYourVoice, over 160 people provided us with feedback on the current facilities. A stakeholder reference advisory group has been formed with community members and representatives from various user groups, and we have undertaken a feasibility study and projected the future demand for our facilities.

Take the survey - are we on the right track?

We want to know if you think we’re on the right track and which concepts best meets the project objectives. After receiving your feedback, we will use that information to develop further design options.

As the project progresses, we will keep you informed of upcoming engagement opportunities, as well as the feedback we have received.

The survey below outlines each of the seven concepts, along with some details around the opportunities and constraints that they provide.

For more information please go to our project page