Barkly Village Streetscape Plan Endorsed

Barkly Street is home to West Footscray's much loved Barkly Village, which serves as a key connection between Ashley Street in Braybrook and central Footscray.

The Barkly Village Streetscape Improvement Plan, endorsed by Council at a meeting on 13 December 2023, aims to create a more walking and cycling friendly neighbourhood centre that is leafy and green with slow-moving traffic that supports vibrancy in the village :

In response to community concerns around vehicle speeds, this includes the identification of Barkly Street in The Plan as a potential second 30km/h speed limit road in the municipality, if approved by the Department of Transport.

The endorsed Streetscape Improvement Plan will:

  • strengthen the identity of Barkly Village
  • promote the local daytime and evening economy
  • provide public gathering places for the local community
  • improve active transport modes (cycling and walking) and support public transport users
  • create a greener and cooler environment.

A detailed design process will be undertaken in 2024 to get the project ready for construction the following financial year.

Argyle St to Blandford St

Barkly Street Improvement Plan section - Argyle Street to Blandford Street

Improvements include:

  • new bus stops
  • accessible parking bays and zebra crossing at Russell Street
  • pedestrian operated signal crossing
  • raised crossing at Blandford Street
  • tree planting

Wider footpath and pedestrian-operated signal crossing, additional seating, tree planting and greenery proposed.

Before After

Blandford St to Market St

Barkly Street Improvement Plan section - Blandford to Market Street

Improvements include:

  • raised crossings at Buxton Street and Market Street
  • tree planting
  • accessible parking bays

Use the slider to view a before and after artist's impression of the new proposed raised crossing at Buxton Street, along with additional planting and greenery.

Before After

Market St to Hewitt Ave

Barkly Street Improvement Plan section - Market Street to Hewitt Street

Improvements include:

  • gateway signage
  • protected bike lanes
  • raised bus stops
  • extended seating and additional greenery at Warleigh Road
  • tree planting

Proposed new bus stops and a separated bike lane. (Note: this design is subject to a VCAT decision on a planning application for 501 Barkly Street).

Before After

What You Told Us

There was broad support for the proposed streetscape improvements during a four-week conversation with residents in July 2022. The top priorities that were identified were greenery and trees, safe walking and places to sit, meet, and relax.

Council further engaged in revised concept plans in August and September 2023. (This also included a concept design for the Clarke Street Pop-Up Park our community overwhelming asked us to make permanent.)

Informed by community feedback the revised concept plans identified opportunities to support three key areas:

  • Creating pedestrian and cycling-focused spaces

    • calming traffic
    • in lane bus stops which create an alighting area and space for waiting and seats
    • improved pedestrian crossings
    • a greener, cooler centre
  • Greening and Tree Planting

    • additional street trees planted in between parking bays along Barkly Village. These trees will assist in calming traffic and are located further from the shopfront awnings.
    • refreshed and additional planting to create a greener more vibrant Village.
  • Traffic calming measures

    • in-line bus stops - where pick up and drop off is within the traffic lane
    • an additional pedestrian operated signal
    • investigate a 30km speed limit on Barkly Street
    • tree planting between parking bays and kerb extensions to assist in creating a slower character environment for driving