Barkly Street is a key connection between Ashley Street in Braybrook and central Footscray and is home to Barkly Village.

The Village stretches nearly one kilometre from the intersection with Summerhill Road in the east to the intersection with Elphinstone Street in the west where it also connects to Elphinstone Lane.

A busy precinct, it has what locals describe as ‘an amazing array of shops’ and eateries and an active and engaged community supporting the thriving, dining, shopping and entertainment hub.

Delivering physical improvements to the Barkly Village, via the development of the Barkly Street Project, was identified as a key action in the West Footscray Neighbourhood Plan 2018.

What we’re proposing for Barkly Street

The Barkly Streetscape Project is about ensuring Barkly Village continues to serve the growing community and remains a vibrant centre by improving the streetscape to enhance the look, feel and functionality of the area to support local residents, traders and visitors. We’re proposing changes along Barkly Street that will enhance the visitor experience with more greenery, seating and art works, and make the area safer and more accessible, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.


  • More greenery, with the addition of garden beds and approximately 15 trees in the street against the kerb where they grow better than in the footpath
  • Five new public seats to provide more spaces to relax
  • Retaining most parking spaces, with minor changes to parking configuration to accommodate more street trees and improve views of pedestrians waiting at crossings
  • Installing rain gardens and plants
  • Improving the look and feel of the Village by collaborating with local artists and installing more public art, including sculptures, murals and lighting to support the active night life in the area
  • Installing gateway signage at either end of the Village
  • Retaining the Clarke Street pop-up park at least throughout 2022
  • Providing opportunity for outdoor dining
  • Converting a car space on Russell Street to an accessible car space, to support access to the nearby medical centre
  • Re-marking 77 car spaces
  • Widening the footpath where space allows, including at bus stops, to make it safer and easier to access public transport


  • Signalised crossings and improving existing crossings
  • A dedicated bike lane and protective barrier separating cyclists and traffic
  • Bike boxes at pedestrian crossings making it safer for cyclists waiting to cross
  • More bike hoops for safe bike storage
  • Traffic calming measures to slow traffic
  • Widening the footpath in places
  • Upgrading Elphinstone Lane as a key walking and cycling connection

We will also be re-engaging the community on the future of the Clarke Street Pop-Up Park towards the end of this year to understand if there is an appetite to make it permanent and, if it is made permanent, what features it should have.

Mapping the proposed streetscape improvements

The proposed streetscape improvement plan focuses on six key areas along Barkly Street, as well as the parts in between. The plan will be refined in line with your feedback before going to Council for endorsement and detailed design.

You can review the concept plans, in sections, outlining the proposed changes along the length of Barkly Street by clicking here.

Engagement Update

The community conversation has now closed. We will review what you told us and will provide a report back to Council shortly.


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