New Park Design Endorsed

Transformed from a space for cars to a space for the community during the pandemic, the pop-up park on the corner of Clarke and Barkly streets was credited with bringing the tight-knit community back together.

With the original two-year trial coming to an end late in 2022, when asked if you wanted the park to become a permanent feature of Barkly Village - 98.88% of the 637 respondents replied with a resounding 'yes'.

At the City Development Delegated Committee meeting on 13 December 2023, Council agreed, endorsing a recommendation to make the park permanent, along with an updated concept design reflecting community requests to extend the space and add more shade, plants, trees and seating.

The endorsed Concept Plan, shown below, does all these things. It includes:

  • an extended footprint
  • planting of new trees in irrigated planters with seating
  • refreshing the popular street library and include a noticeboard
  • additional solar-powered lighting
  • an informal stage area with lighting and power access
  • picnic areas and play elements
  • refurbishing existing seating and installing new seating along with moveable box seating
Endorsed Concept Design

Park Design Features

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