Designing a permanent new street park

We've developed a draft concept for what a new park in Ballarat Street might look like following endorsement from the local community to retain the Pop-Up Park, permanently.

It was established during the pandemic to provide additional capacity for traders and diners during social distancing, on a 12-month trial basis.

In February and March this year, we asked whether it should be retained. Just under 3,000 residents provided feedback. The answer was a very big 'yes'.

Noting that trees, tables, chairs, shade, AstroTurf, and seating were the things you most wanted to see in a permanent new park, you'll find an initial design, on this page, of what this could look like.

The concept is premised on a green space that supports outdoor dining, a bit of play, and relaxing with friends.

State Government has provided funding to help establish the permanent new park.

The proposed fee structure traders would be asked to pay if they wanted to use the public space is outlined in the draft Outdoor Dining Policy. It includes the proposed criteria and requirements for a permanent installation and associated fees.

Engagement update and next steps

The community conversation has now closed. We are refining the concept design and anticipate construction to commence from October 2022.

Concept Design

Ballarat Street Parklet concept drawings