Yarraville Village is a bustling precinct in Melbourne’s inner-west, housing a range of local eateries, shops and the Yarraville train station, which includes an at grade level crossing on Anderson Street.

There’s lots happening in the Village – including the temporary pop-up parks, outdoor dining opportunities, Master Plans nearby and previously the polka dot trial.

To streamline conversations and make it easier for our community to stay up to date with all things Yarraville Village, we have created this central webpage. Here we’ll house key information around projects happening in the Village, and any other relevant updates.

Council is collaborating with Metro Trains Melbourne on a traffic study to look at ways to improve traffic flow specifically around the rail line interface with the road network.

This study involves traffic counts using cameras affixed to existing light poles and traffic monitors to gather data to identify opportunities for safety improvements to support vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist movements.

The study, initially planned for July 2021, was delayed due to COVID-19. It is hoped to resume the study during December to ensure the correct data can be collected – once visitors and residents are back visiting the Village.

Data from this study will also help inform the evaluation on the polka dots trial currently underway in the Village.

To read more about the history of the project, visit project page using the navigation tool to the right.

Polka dots are an innovative road treatment designed to encourage drivers to slow down that were installed at three locations in Yarraville Village:

  • Anderson/Ballarat Street intersection (southern end of the new outdoor dining pop-up park)
  • Canterbury/Ballarat Street intersection (between the old and new pop-up park)
  • Bend of Anderson Street with Willis Street intersection

Council had intended evaluating the trial after six months, but this was put on hold during the State Government imposed lockdowns which changed the way motorists and others were using the area impacting our ability to undertake a meaningful review.

The delays have provided Council an opportunity to include the evaluation as part of the more holistic review of traffic movement in and around the village as part of the wider study, in collaboration with Metro Trains Melbourne.

This collaborative study will involve comprehensive traffic studies that will also consider the polka dot traffic calming treatment, as part of broader traffic and pedestrian planning for the Village, rather than considering it in isolation.

Noting the delays, a further road safety audit was commissioned in October 2021, which has noted the additional measures – including the temporary speed humps and planter boxes - have mitigated concerns around previous risks to the community and road users.

Council will be in a better position to provide an update to the community around the trial and next steps in the first quarter of 2022.

To read more about the history of the polka dot trial, visit the project page using the navigation tool to the right.

The outdoor dining in Ballarat Street, Yarraville has been one of the highlights of Council’s outdoor dining program.

When we asked the local community if they wanted the temporary parklet installed at the southern-end during the pandemic to become permanent - the majority of the almost 3,000 who responded said a resounding 'yes'!

In 2022, we shared an initial concept for how this might look - suggesting a balance between public use and trader space - with circular seating around the trees and retention of the party lights.

Under the Outdoor Trading Policy, which was endorsed at the November 2022 Council meeting, traders who might want to expand the footprint of their business to continue outdoor dining would need to pay a rental for the area they use, consistent with usual fees associated with the occupation of public space that was in place pre-COVID.

To read more about the history of the outdoor dining project generally, visit the project page using the navigation tool to the right.

Boasting a rich history, the Yarraville Gardens Precinct (the Gardens) is the earliest, intact public reserve in our municipality - pre-dating Footscray Park as a major recreational precinct.

In late 2023, we started a conversation to see how we can enhance and improve the Precinct so residents can continue to enjoy this space for years to come.

We are now considering community feedback which will help inform the development of a draft Master Plan for the Gardens.

You can find out more by visiting: yourcityyourvoice.com.au/yarraville-gardens

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