Delivering an updated Master Plan

Hansen Reserve in West Footscray supports recreational use with open space, a playground, and a range of community sports activities including tennis, soccer, Australian Rules Football (AFL), and cricket.

Following a review by the community in May 2023, the updated Master Plan includes a relocated pavilion near Walker Oval, relocation of the cricket nets, installation of two netball courts, and realignment of the soccer fields. The updated Master Plan provides a framework for ongoing development at the Reserve.

These enhancements, identified during a design review and further site investigations, will help ensure space is maximised and the Reserve continues to provide infrastructure and amenities to support a variety of informal and formal recreational activities, creating a community hub of activity for all users.

The changes further enhance the original intent of the document to improve the user experience, now and in the future.

Council is now tendering for contractors to complete initial works approved under the original Master Plan not impacted by the modifications. This includes updates to lighting with a view to starting these works in the third quarter of 2023.

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A number of upgrades have already been completed since the original Master Plan was endorsed in 2018, including a new tennis pavilion, upgrades to the courts and court lighting, a new public playground with picnic tables and a barbeque, and a junior bike skills track.

To learn more about the upgrades, please visit the Hansen Reserve project page: Hansen Reserve, West Footscray - Maribyrnong

The updated Master Plan at a glance

  • Pavilion relocation

    • provides equal access for all sporting codes and easy access to the shared facilities (including a multipurpose social space, kitchen, canteen and meeting space, and the new equipment storage shed) in the pavilion from the adjacent playing fields for players and visitors
    • better access to the equipment storage area
    • improved spectator views across the Reserve
  • Cricket net relocation

    • better access to the new pavilion and shared amenities, and equipment storage located on the eastern side of the Reserve
    • ability for the space to be used for activities other than cricket, with soft retractable netting used to separate each lane that can be opened to become a large multipurpose play space with line marking for Futsal
    • the space where the nets were located will be returned to the community as passive open space
  • New netball courts

    • dedicated space to support the local netball community
    • the location provides better access to the new pavilion and shared amenities, and equipment storage
  • Soccer field realignment

    • orientating the pitches north-south and removing the existing concrete cricket pitch in the centre of the field to maximise the existing space to comfortably fit in two soccer fields
    • provides enhanced spectator space around the perimeter of the fields

Phase 1:

Over 230 responses were received during the preliminary conversation. Most respondents advised they visited the Reserve two or more times per week for informal exercise and to use the playground.

Features most frequently identified to encourage visitation were BBQ facilities, public toilets, cycling infrastructure, shade structures, tree planting, and improved play equipment. (The full report can be downloaded from the document library).

While reinstatement of the historic velodrome featured in feedback, a detailed investigation has concluded this would not be viable at this site.

To meet some of the desired outcomes expressed during engagement, a major feature of the Master Plan is a bike skills track introducing learners to riding and encouraging children to cycle.

Phase 2:

Over 50 responses were received to the draft Master Plan in late 2017. 73% of respondents felt it exceeded or far exceeded community expectations.

Some changes were made to the document based on the feedback received. This included: additional exercise stations in new locations, and upgrading the path around the southeast oval from granitic sand to concrete.

The Master Plan was endorsed at the City Development Special Committee on Tuesday 29 May 2018.

Since endorsement

Some works have been completed. This includes the construction of the new Kingsville Tennis Pavilion, reconstruction of the eastern carpark with improved pedestrian/cyclist access, lighting along the main east-west path, and additional seating around the playing fields.

Other works are ongoing subject to Council budget allocations.