Our City has been shaped by generations of diverse communities - from First Nations to the European settlers and waves of immigration and industry - whose influence on the way we live, the environment around us, our cultures, traditions, and our history has informed our unique heritage.

Heritage includes elements like historical buildings, streetscapes, collections, natural features and archaeological sites, as well as unseen heritage such as cultural practices, stories and traditions.

Council plays an important role in identifying, conserving and promoting our City’s heritage assets. We want to ensure they are valued, understood and protected for future generations.

Until now, Council’s work has been guided by Maribyrnong's Heritage Plan published in 2002. But a lot has changed over the past 20 years since it was first written, including significant population growth, changes in the economy and the environment, as well as technological advancements.

It's time for an update.

Join us on our heritage journey and tell us what you think is worth valuing and protecting in Maribyrnong. Your feedback will not only help us identify any missed opportunities from the 2002 Heritage Plan, but will help create a new heritage vision for our City, starting with an Issues and Opportunities Paper for consideration by Council.

If you want to learn more about heritage, explore our Heritage Hub where you will find information and resources, and be able to sign up for free heritage events hosted in partnership with local organisations, including the Footscray Historical Society and Working Heritage. These events are opportunities to not just learn but also share your ideas and priorities with us on future heritage management.

We are a vibrant and diverse collective – which is one of the things that makes Maribyrnong so special.

Because heritage is about sharing and preserving these varied stories, journeys, assets, and histories, we're keen for you to join the conversation so we can ensure our future heritage planning is shaped by the many unique voices of our community.

Join one of our events, join in some of the activities below, or answer our short questionnaire on the Heritage Hub.

Engagement closes 5:00 pm, Sunday 29 May.

Heritage Hub

Home to information, resources, and events relating to our unique heritage. Explore the hub and complete our questionnaire to help create our vision

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