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Council will review the submissions received to determine if the matters raised by submitters can be addressed by Council or if they need to be referred to an independent Planning Panel for further consideration. We will provide updates at our project webpage at and notify the submitters of the next steps.

In our City we have different types of zones for various land uses (ie. commercial, residential, open space, etc). These zones specify how the land can be used and what permits are required under the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

Amendment C159 seeks to correct inconsistencies for 25 sites where the existing zone does not reflect the existing or intended use of the land. These inconsistencies include private land with existing residences zoned Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ), and existing parks zoned for residential use. Amendment C159 will rezone these 25 sites to the appropriate zone that makes it formally the same as its existing use. The amendment does not introduce new policy and is routine and administrative in nature.

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The proposed Amendment C159 and supporting information will be on exhibition and open for public comment from Thursday 4 March to Monday 12 April 2021.

Any person who may be affected by the proposed changes introduced by Amendment C159 may make a submission to Council about the amendment. Submissions must be made in writing and include your name and contact address, clearly stating the grounds on which the amendment is supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) you wish to be made.

You can lodge your submission by post, email or online:

Post: Maribyrnong City Council

Strategic Planning Amendment C159

PO Box 58, Footscray VIC 3011



Online: Use the Submission form below.

For more information please see the FAQs, related documents and the affected zone maps on the right had side of this page.

Consultation has concluded